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      Thanks in no small part to your work, we’ve had a great year so far, and we hope to maintain this momentum.

      We’d like to share a few highlights from September.

      • First, shoutouts to Diane Dunlap and Shean Johnson. They introduced HemaClear® to two new hospitals, with more to follow.
      • We attended ASSH 2017 – American Society for Surgery of the Hand Annual Meeting in San Francisco. From conversations with contacts made there, we learned that hand surgeons understand the benefits of HemaClear®. We suspect hand surgeons in your practice will have a similar response.

      This was our booth at ASSH, and the red-headed gent is our own Alon Gavriely.

      This gentleman is a retired surgeon who made a point of stopping by. He told us how helpful HemaClear® has been to him during his Mission to Tanzania. He is planning another Mission next year. And yes, he’ll be taking HemaClear® with him.

      We also attended BOA – The British Orthopaedic Association Conference in Liverpool, UK. Dozens of British surgeons spent time with Professor Noam Gavriely. They learned how HemaClear® is indispensable in obese, pediatric, and upper arm cases. More than 40 of them requested trialing the HemaClear® in their operating theatres.

      Dr. Mark Dodson from Alexandria LA. led our first HemaClear®  Webinar for >60 Chinese doctors. Yes, we are exporting to China..

      Finally, I ask you to welcome two new members to the HemaClear® family:

      • Ms. Joy Maldonado from Connecticut who will represent us in Boston and Hartford, CT.
      • Mr. Arun Keshavan, Director of TruTech LLC, who will represent us in India.

      HOT FROM THE InBox: Today we heard that we have received a sizeable Government grant. It will go towards for promoting HemaClear® in Germany.

      That’s it for now.

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      Until next time,

      The HemaClear® Team

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