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      Ordering Guide – Comparing HemaClear Surgical Tourniquets for Limb Surgery to Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs

      Ordering HemaClear can be based on size comparison or on OR case-mix. The two methods are described below.

      The size comparison in Table 2 shows which HemaClear models replace each pneumatic cuff. Note that the pneumatic cuff length is the total length, including the overlap segment required in order to secure the cuff around the limb. In order to determine the maximum limb circumference for each cuff, the length of the overlapping segment needs to be subtracted. For example, if the pneumatic cuff is stated to be 34” and the overlapping segment (Velcro®) is 4”, then the maximal limb circumference is 30”. To convert to cm, this value should be multiplied by 2.5, so in this example the maximal limb circumference is 30 X 2.5 = 75 cm.

      Table 1

      The second method is by determining the OR needs based on the mix of cases and practicing surgeons as shown in Table 2.

      Table 2

      Functional Selection Table. For catalog numbers, see Table 1.

      Adult/ PedSurgery siteOrdering RecommendationComments
      AdultLower extremity; knee, ankleXL – Black & WhitePlaced at groin, essentially one-size fits all. Also for ankle cases by podiatrists and F&A surgeons
      AdultFootModel A or Large – OrangePlaced on ankle, 10 cm above malleolus. Orange is needed for patients with large feet (i.e. shoe >14)
      AdultUpper extremityMedium – Yellow or Large – OrangePlaced above biceps, below deltoid. Size election based on circumference
      AdultHandModel FPlaced on forearm, 10 cm above wrist fold.
      Adult/ teenagerKnee arthroscopy/ACLXL – Black & White or Large – OrangePlaced at groin. In teenagers use Large if circumference at groin is less than 50 cm
      PediatricLower extremityMedium – Green or Large – BlueDepending on circumference at groin, per supplied measuring tape
      PediatricFootSmall – PinkFor small babies and toddlers 
      PediatricUpper extremitySmall – pink or Medium GreenDepending on circumference and length of arm
      PediatricHandSmall – pink or FPlaced on forearm

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