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      Delivery of the medical supplies to Ukraine becomes increasingly urgent. It is important to support people of Ukraine and especially surgeons who work 24/7 in critical conditions to save people’s lives and limbs. That is why we at OHK medical devices decided to donate HemaClear® and HemaShock® to some of the hospitals in Kyiv.

      HemaClear® is a sterile exsanguination tourniquet, that is used to create a bloodless surgical field for orthopedic, hand, trauma, sports, vascular and pediatric surgery of the limbs. HemaShock® – emergency auto-transfusion tourniquet used in emergency medicine.

      We want to express special gratitude to volunteer organization Israeli Friends of Ukraine, which made an effort to immediately deliver the donation to Ukraine. Valentyn Rogozynskyi, MD, PhD – a pediatric orthopedist, Head of the Department of Pediatric Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery at ISIDA Clinic, Kiev, has expressed his gratitude for the donation. He said: “We are overwhelmed with patients with severe shrapnel injuries to the limbs and surgical supplies are very short”. Mr. Rogozynskyi, MD, PhD was trained on the use of HemaClear by Prof. Mark Eidelman, Chair of Pediatric Orthopedics in Haifa, Rambam Medical Center and one of the pioneer users of the device.

      “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. As a healthcare business, it’s our responsibility to help and support Ukrainian people in this time of acute need” – said Professor Noam Gavriely, Founder, CEO and CMO of OHK medical devices.

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