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Thank you for tuning in to the HemaClear® Training Center in this short video we will discuss the proper application of the HemaClear®.

Today we will discuss the proper application of the HemaClear® Model A to the ankle.

Once it has been determined that the patient fits within the Model A size guidelines, open the sterile packaging, introducing the sterile Model A to the surgical field.

Note that the packaging is dual-peel packed.

Be sure to save the Protective Cutting Card for the end of the procedure.

You are now ready to apply the Model A onto the patient.

Place the patient’s leg flat on the table and place the patient’s toes within the Model A cup, or have your assistant do so.

Next, the surgeon should hold the handles of the HemaClear® so that one handle is directly over the toes and the other handle is placed over the heel.

Pulling the handles, advance the Model A to mid foot. Next have one of your team members grab and raise the food while applying axial traction. Grabbing the handles,advance Model A over the the heel, using the bottom handle as leverage.

While pulling Model A proximally towards the chest of the patient, advance the ring to just below the calf muscle, approximately 15 centimeters or six inches proximal to the lateral malleolus.

The tourniquet is now up. Dictate the tourniquet.

Once HemaClear® has reached the desired occlusion location and the tourniquet time has been recorded, remove the Model A cup exposing your surgical area. To start your procedure simply cut the ribbons off. You are now ready to begin your procedure.

When you would like to remove HemaClear® place the Protective Cutting Card from the distal side of the ring under the HemaClear®. Utilizing a knife, cut the ring in slow orderly passes.

Once you’re through the internal silicon ring you can utilize scissors to remove the rest of the device.

Your tourniquet is now down. Note the tourniquet time.

Thank you for tuning in to this HemaClear® training segment. If you have any further questions please contact us or ask your local Product Specialist.

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